Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cochlear's TV Streamer review

Hello everyone!

I've been using the Cochlear TV Streamer for a while and I'm going to rate it with 9.9/10. It's a great wireless product, easy to pair and the hearing definition is amazing!

What amazed me the most is that you don't need to have your TV sound on, just put mute on and you can still listen what you're watching with no problem.

Another great thing is that I don't fight with my husband over the volume of the TV anymore, because if I use the TV Streamer he can set the volume up to 50 and it won't be too loud for me. Somehow, my sound processor and the device balance the exact volume I need so I can have an enjoyable moment.

Also, the range capacity of the device is up to 7 feet, I've tried the max range capacity and it worked, I'm so happy that I can be in the kitchen listening my favorite TV show without missing a thing! 

This device brings you to another dimension, a whole new way of hearing!

One important thing to consider is that you won't be able to hear anything else but the TV, if you don't like that just use your sound processor as usual.