Thursday, February 23, 2017

Don’t know how to title this

I just don’t know yet. But the title will change eventually.

I would like to share something I wrote last year when I was going through a mood swing and not a nice one.

The first impression it really matters? I don’t think so, and hey I’m one of those who have judged or have think about a person or something with just the first impression…

I've analyzed those first impressions of my paintings and what people “see in them” and I’m like, ah?? no… that’s not what I meant with this painting. And that’s because there are 2 types of people, the one who thinks he can analyzed you by the first impression and the other one who has more open minded and even whether they like your work or not they share really interesting insights.To the first type of person let’s call them the “psychologist” sounds harsh but really, I’m not even asking you what do you think of me because I love to paint crows… No… I didn’t ask for an opinion. My advice to fellows amateurs artists don’t ask “what do you think of my painting?” just don’t. You won’t need that, make your artwork so beautiful that it will just speak for itself.

I’m going to share with you one of the most frequents opinions I get: ‘oh, you must be really depressed to keep painting those dark birds’ ehmm…. nope. I’m not. Be careful if you suffer from depression because you will have a huge tag on your forehead saying DEPRESSION and people will focus on criticizing and not helping you at all. I just ignored the comment and say No, I’m not. Don’t get hooked by those types of comments.

The “Psychologist” just thinks that he has the right to tell you what you should be doing with your life. Don’t give other people the power to decide what it’s best for you unless you’re in a very difficult situation and need help. People think they know a lot about depression but the truth is they really don’t, it is a complicated matter that the best person to guide you is a certified therapist (Psychologist or a Psychiatrist).

The second type of people are the ones I called “Wisdom people” my favorite kind of people because some can like my birds and some don’t, but they give to me the most interesting insights, history and facts about my birds or the techniques I’m using, These people are intellectuals, true thinkers, and they are a fountain of knowledge, surround yourself with those kind of people. You will learn something for sure and you can have an amazing feedback. Just be careful, the “Wisdom people” is pure true knowledge, more information; not approval. The only approval you need is yours and if you believe in your work it will get known. Unless someone is paying you for your artwork, then you're submitted to their opinion.


Nowadays, I manage much better my mood swings, I just go to the flow and know when I need time apart from people and when I need to gather with people. I'm aware of the limitations I have and also know how to cope with dysthymia. I'll be sharing with you what I paint, what I draw, what I write and the evolution of my mental health.

Thanks for reading!


Starting point

Writing is one of my hobbies, so having this way to express myself and share interests, my paintings, what book I’m reading or even talk about breaking social stigmas about mental illnesses it makes me happy. That’s why I’m dedicated to painting crows or ravens it’s magic for me.

I’m in my late, late 20’s and I sound like an old lady writing and talking believe me! You’ll see in further posts… But that is because my life hasn’t been the best life you can think of. I had a rough childhood my mom is schizophrenic and my father was and still is like a shooting star phenomenon that you could only see every million years… Just to give you a start…

This post it is not about my childhood maybe in another post I may write about what it was like to live with a mentally ill mother and an absent father.

For now, the important thing is that I’m happy now, more than I could ever imagine and I have the husband and family I choose to have and always wanted.
My blog is for those people who are taking care of their mental health and also love art and ravens! Of course if you do like my blog regardless of what I mentioned before, welcome! Is nice to have you here!

You can have a preview of my work in my Instagram account @juliaspaintings
I hope you’re having a great week, see you in my next post!