Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recovery period

The recovery period of a cochlear implant surgery is different for every person, for some people it is fast and for others not so much... Some of the temporary side effects are: facial paralysis (may or may not happen), swelling in the operated area, dizziness, little bleeding in the ear, pain in the scar and nausea.   

This is the only picture my audiologist took of my CI before my surgery...

Five hours after my surgery I woke up and I was so, so hungry I needed a cheese burger! Thank God on the way home we stop at Burger King.
Even though my audiologist told me to eat light because if you eat too much you might puke. Fortunately that didn’t happen.

This picture is at home, seven hours after my surgery.

The following sequence of pictures show the healing process of my scar; today is a very thin line (last picture).


My recovery process was quick and smooth, aside from my partial facial paralysis and some dizziness. Now I’m completely recovered and the physical therapy - for the paralysis - was a key factor towards my full recovery.