Sunday, August 28, 2016

Not everything can be forgotten...

Not everything can be forgotten but we thought we do...

Sometimes we do things that we really love and we're really good at but there's something deep in your very own mind that breaks all the dreams, the hopes that you had. So,  you stop doing what you love because a "social stigma dictates" that you should be doing something else.  It's a sabotage made by a parent, a wife, a friend or even yourself. Stop that! Keep doing what you love, what inspires you.

That happened to me many years ago when I was a kid, I used to love painting and drawing and my parents knew it. When I told my mom that I wanted to take some painting classes she sign up my brother instead of me and I felt awful, my insecurities started feeding from my mind and my thoughts told me that I should stop painting because I wasn't good enough...

Years went by.... and now at my almost 28 years old I started painting again, it wasn't great at first but I was relearning an old craft. Now, I feel very confident of what I do. It's my own way to paint my thoughts, my mood swings (the good and the bad ones), my dreams, everything. I just love it.

I'm not planing to become an "Artist" like Picasso, no. My plan is to go with it and enjoy it, so maybe who knows in a future or a galaxy far, far away I decided to make it official.

This is my latest painting, it's a Raven I called it: All in me. My animal spirit is a Raven, they are intelligent, smart and very capable of adapting to hard situations. We both are warriors.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cochlear's TV Streamer review

Hello everyone!

I've been using the Cochlear TV Streamer for a while and I'm going to rate it with 9.9/10. It's a great wireless product, easy to pair and the hearing definition is amazing!

What amazed me the most is that you don't need to have your TV sound on, just put mute on and you can still listen what you're watching with no problem.

Another great thing is that I don't fight with my husband over the volume of the TV anymore, because if I use the TV Streamer he can set the volume up to 50 and it won't be too loud for me. Somehow, my sound processor and the device balance the exact volume I need so I can have an enjoyable moment.

Also, the range capacity of the device is up to 7 feet, I've tried the max range capacity and it worked, I'm so happy that I can be in the kitchen listening my favorite TV show without missing a thing! 

This device brings you to another dimension, a whole new way of hearing!

One important thing to consider is that you won't be able to hear anything else but the TV, if you don't like that just use your sound processor as usual.


Saturday, February 20, 2016


Do you love Iguana's as much as I do? Well, I was surprised to see tons of Green Iguanas and some Lizards while we stayed in La Cabana Resort in Aruba (

Since I was a little girl I rescued tons of Iguanas, specially in the Barlovento city, in Venezuela, there's a river in the city so it was completely normal for locals to see everywhere sloths and iguanas, some people hunts the iguanas and that for me have been always heartbreaking,  and every time I could I stopped  every hunting I could while my visits in Barlovento.

There's this story about me, when I was 6 years old and I was walking close the river I saw a dead snake or I think it was... I knew there were no venom snakes there so I was confident and I thought the least I could do for her was given her a ceremony in her beloved memory... cute I know, or creepy. So, I was looking for my dad to show my snake to him and look for his help to bury her... Suddenly the snake somehow comes to life and starts moving, my dad's face was hilarious he panicked and told me to drop the snake and I was like no, now it's my pet and she needs to eat I'm going to take her to river and feed her. Of course, as an innocent child when I put down the snake to feed her.... she left me.... it was a happy and sad moment at the same time because she was after all healthy but she left my side.

Here's some information and pictures of my Aruba's vacation, it was marvelous we had a wonderful time there and the resort was full of iguana's. I fed them, took pictures of them and enjoyed their company while I took a sunbathing.

Green iguana

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The green iguana (Iguana iguana), also known as common iguana or American iguana, is a large, arboreal, mostly herbivorous species oflizard of the genus Iguana native to CentralSouth America, and the Caribbean. Usually, this animal is simply called the iguana. The green iguana ranges over a large geographic area, from southern Brazil and Paraguay as far north as Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. They have been introduced from South America to Puerto Rico and are very common throughout the island, where they are colloquially known as "Gallina de palo" and considered an invasive species; in the United States feral populations also exist in South Florida (including the Florida Keys), Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
An herbivore, it has adapted significantly with regard to locomotion and osmoregulation as a result of its diet. It grows to 1.5 meters (4.9 ft) in length from head to tail, although a few specimens have grown more than 2 metres (6.6 ft) with bodyweights upward of 20 pounds (9.1 kg).
Commonly found in captivity as a pet due to its calm disposition and bright colors, it can be very demanding to care for properly. Space requirements and the need for special lighting and heat can prove challenging to an amateur hobbyist. This is a very high responsibility due to the fact of their size.
Green iguana[1]
Green iguana (Iguana iguana).JPG
The PantanalBrazil
Scientific classification
Species:I. iguana
Binomial name
Iguana iguana
(Linnaeus), 1758
Iguana iguana distribution map.png
  • Iguana iguana rhinolophaWiegman, 1834
  • Lacerta Igvana Linnaeus, 1758
  • Hypsilophus tuberculatusWagler 1830
  • Iguana hernandessi Jan 1857
  • Iguana iguana rhinolophaWiegman, 1834
  • Hypsilophus rhinolophusFitzinger, 1843
  • Iguana rhinolopha Dumeril & Bibron, 1837
  • Iguana rhinolophus Günther, 1885


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back

Let me tell you something I'm a HUGEEEE Stars Wars fan! So, if you are not, or just don't care about it, we are going to have a situation because I'm going to write and talk about Star Wars A LOT in my upcoming posts! Sorry not sorry.

Anyway, I was watching Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back movie and this scene got me so emotional that I had chills, so, grieve with me this amazing heartbreaking scene.

Bon journée!

P.S.: When I typed in capital letters I swear I'm not yelling at you I'm just making a point.

Como funciona un implante coclear

Nadando con Aqua + Cochlear

Cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time - Cute animal compilation

It's incredible how sweet, gentle and caring animals can be! Loved this video!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ahora we speak trois langues!

That's right!

Now my blog took a new name and a new direction! The name: Pets, life and sound! This name includes everything about me and things I like, it's a more open blog and I'm going to write more about animals, my husband, and my hearing WORLD! Yeah!

¡Eso es correcto!

Ahora mi blog tomó un nuevo nombre y una nueva dirección! El nombre: Animales, la vida y el sonido! Este nombre incluye todo sobre mí y lo que me gusta, es un blog con información amplia de diversos temas y voy a escribir más sobre los animales, mi marido y mi MUNDO auditivo! ¡Sí!

C'est correct!

Maintenant, mon blog a pris un nouveau nom et une nouvelle adresse! Nom: animaux, la vie et le son! Ce nom comprend tout de moi et ce que je veux est un blog avec des informations détaillées sur des sujets divers et je vais écrire plus sur les animaux, mon mari et monde auditif! Oui!

Remember I'm learning french but is going to get better! Oh lala!

Now my featured posts will be displayed in spanish or french or english or even 3 languages!

Bon journée!

Let me introduce you to our Posh Puppy Kala!

This is Kala she's the youngest of the pack. She's almost 2 years old and still she keeps the sweet personality of a 4 months old puppy. I love her dearly 💝 she's the sweetest dog ever and our spoiled little girl.
Kala loves playtime with her brothers but when I try to play with her she's like, nah... maybe later... She prefers to cuddle and fall asleep rather than playing with me...
We should have called her Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty). I share a photo collage of her because she has a particular way of sleeping... Paw's up! I think since she is the only girl in the pack Onyx and Ringo are both males my husband and I spoil her a little too much, for example every time she cries (and let me tell you she cries A LOT and for any reason), when she cries we baby talk to Kala and in response she gives us that look that just melts out hearts...
Yeap... That's the look!
I know we shouldn't treat her like a princess but we can't help it... Even though she's a posh puppy she's trained with basic and intermediate commands, I'll show you in another post.

A propos moi!

About me. Acerca de mi. A propos de moi!
cropped-image-e1452726777712.jpegHello my dear readers!
My name is Julia Gutiérrez, I'm 27 years old, I'm a  Cochlear Implant user (brand Cochlear), I'm happily married and I'm the dog mom of 3: 2 German Shepherds Ringo and Kala and a black Labrador Onyx.
I'm venezuelan. I speak Spanish, English and a little bit of French, still learning the last one.
The purpose of this site is to being able to share with you the most important things for me: my husband, my dogs and my hearing life, later I'm going to share with you how I became a Cochlear Implant User.
Also, I'm a "wild" animal lover, since I was a little girl I've rescued tons of animals, sloths, iguanas, non venom snakes, frogs and lizards. I'm very passionate about rescuing but I don't work as Vet, I'm about to get my Associate's Degree in Special Education and Learning Disabilities this spring, can't wait! Getting back to my wild animal lover spirit I've also rescued dogs, the last rescue I performed was the rescue of 5 puppies dumped in the streets with a little bit of food, they were at the time about 2 month old so I leave them in a nice shelter where they will find for them nice homes, yei!
Next week I'm going to have videos and articles!
Hola mis queridos lectores!
Mi nombre es Julia Gutiérrez, tengo 27 años de edad,soy usuaria de Implante Coclear (marca Cochlear), estoy felizmente casada y soy la mamá 3 perros: 2 pastores alemanes Ringo y Kala y un labrador Onyx.
Soy venezolana. Hablo Español, Inglés y un poco de francés, todavía estoy aprendiendo el último idioma mencionado.
El propósito de este sitio es poder compartir con ustedes las cosas más importantes en mi vida mi esposo, mis perros y mi vida como oyente, después compartiré con ustedes cómo me convertí en un usuario de implante coclear.
Además, soy un amante de los animales "salvajes", desde que era una niña he rescatado  animales, osos perezosos, iguanas, serpientes no venenosas, ranas y lagartos. Soy muy apasionada sobre el rescate de animales, pero yo no trabajo como veterinario ni nada que se le parezca, estoy a punto de obtener mi título de T.S.U. En Educación Especial y Dificultades en el Aprendizaje esta primavera, no puedo esperar! Volviendo a mi espíritu salvaje amante de los animales también he rescatado perros, el último de rescate que hice fueron 5 cachorros abandonados en las calles con un poco de comida, de alrededor de 2 meses de edad. Así que los dejé en un agradable refugio donde encontrarán para ellos hogares cariñosos y llenos de amor, yei!
La semana que viene voy a tener videos y artículos!
Bonjour mes chers lecteurs!
Je m'appelle  Julia Gutiérrez, j'ai  27 ans, je suis un utilisateur implant cochléaire (marque Cochlear), je suis marié et je suis la maman de 3 chien: 2 bergers allemands Ringo et Kala et un Labrador noir Onyx.
Je suis vénézuélienne. Je parle espagnol, anglais et un peu de français, encore à apprendre la dernière.
Le but de ce site est pouvoir partager avec vous les choses les plus importantes pour moi: mon mari, mes chiens et ma vie de l'auditeur, plus tard, je vais partager avec vous comment je suis devenu un utilisateur implant cochléaire.
Aussi, je suis un amoureux des animaux "sauvages", depuis que je suis petite, je l'ai sauvé des tonnes d'animaux, des paresseux, des iguanes, serpents à venin non, les grenouilles et les lézards.
La semaine prochaine, je vais avoir des vidéos et des articles!
Mon français c'est ne pas le meilleur, mais je suis d'apprendre à le faire.
Bon journée! :)