Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unilateral Hearing with Cochlear Implant (CI)

For people like me with one CI it’s difficult to understand speech in noisy environments, participate in group discussions and figuring out where sounds are coming from requires a big effort. I can read lips easily, that’s my tool for those situations when my CI it’s not enough.

In family reunions I sometimes get completely lost but there are times where I’m perfectly fine and I understand everything. When I get lost I get upset because I can’t figure out a way to follow the conversation, I’ve tried lip-reading but sometimes people talks so fast.

When I’m walking down the street all the background noise confuses me. I have to look all around to have a clue of what it’s happening. I still need to work on that.
That’s why I’m upgrading to Nucleus 5 from Cochlear®; I’m currently a of the Freedom model, also from Cochlear®. The N5 has a better sound quality in noisy environments.