Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A promise is a promise

Today I was checking my blog and I remembered I made a promise to share my experience at the beach from a preview article that I wrote, textual quote: I know that for some people or hearing people may think it’s silly, but I have a dream and that is to hear the sea again and the sound of waves breaking on the shore. It will be very rewarding for me because brings me so many beautiful memories of my childhood, when my father used to take my brother and I to the beach to enjoy those sounds and relax. I'll tell you my experience about this in an upcoming video. I was able to make my dream come true after 6 years since the last time I went to beach and 4 years of being deaf.

On last December I went to Cancún-México for the GICCA(Grupo Iberoamericano de Implantes Cocleares y Ciencias Afines or Iberoamerican Group of Cochlear Implants and Related Sciences)  Congress. I was there to  promote the N6 sound processor and myself as a N6 user, it was a great experience and an opportunity to meet the physicians from all over the world and share experiences, updates about the Cochlear brand, and how this sound processor makes a positive impact on me.

Here's a pic...


Now about that paragraph I quoted, let me share with you that moment at the beach. So, here we were at this stunning beach my friend and I, and I heard shhhhiuusushh shhhiiiuuushhhs over and over again, the breeze is messing my hair, I feel this energy inside me and started running, play with the water, stomping the sand so hard with my biggest smile. By that moment I was the child that used to go to beach with her dad and brother to have a relaxing day, it was a special moment for me.  

I enjoyed those sounds so much, I wasn't able to relax at all; because all my senses were at high functioning, specially my hearing. To be able to hear the sound of the waves, of the breeze, of my stomps in the sand, of our laughs has no comparison. Maybe that’s why I waited so long for this moment and didn't take the chance with my 2 previews sound processors, because I wanted to really enjoy it with this smart sound processor the N6.

Nothing compares to having all your 5 senses at 100%, it was multi-sensory experience. My CI completed it.

Here’s the video!