Friday, January 15, 2016

Let me introduce you to our Posh Puppy Kala!

This is Kala she's the youngest of the pack. She's almost 2 years old and still she keeps the sweet personality of a 4 months old puppy. I love her dearly šŸ’ she's the sweetest dog ever and our spoiled little girl.
Kala loves playtime with her brothers but when I try to play with her she's like, nah... maybe later... She prefers to cuddle and fall asleep rather than playing with me...
We should have called her Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty). I share a photo collage of her because she has a particular way of sleeping... Paw's up! I think since she is the only girl in the pack Onyx and Ringo are both males my husband and I spoil her a little too much, for example every time she cries (and let me tell you she cries A LOT and for any reason), when she cries we baby talk to Kala and in response she gives us that look that just melts out hearts...
Yeap... That's the look!
I know we shouldn't treat her like a princess but we can't help it... Even though she's a posh puppy she's trained with basic and intermediate commands, I'll show you in another post.